Anatomy of an Eco Swimwear

Design is not something we take for granted. The truth is that it's hard to rethink our clothes and the processes involved in making them, and most companies aren't willing to compromise their big margins. But traditional for-profit companies’ obsessive focus on short-term profits comes with its own downsides, both in terms of longer-term returns and in terms of the state of the world we all live in, after all.

Well, we care and we are open about the fact that we will not maximize profits at the expense of our social or environmental missions. That's why below we share an overview of all aspects of our design thinking. Yes, we just sell swimwear, and yes, we are very small... but it's important that our collections reflect the changes we want to see in the fashion industry.

We also included a few "points of improvement", on our side (fabric waste management) or where textile technologies (or companies willing to bet on them) still need to catch up.

 anatomy of an eco swimwear




- Padding: we still couldn’t find a supplier that offers recycled or biodegradable padding options

- Thread: there are no known recycled or biodegradable elastane thread to sew swimwear

- Fabric waste: we are still implementing a process and, as a result, designing a special collection to deal with fabric waste from production. To be launched in 2019!


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