Swimwear Care

As part of our slow fashion guidelines, here at AURAI we use high quality fabrics to make garments as durable as possible and salt and chlorine resistant prints in order to prolong life span and postpone discard, but it’s very important that you take good care of your new bikini.

Check here our care instructions and follow all steps recommended. If you decide to remove the care label for wearing ease or because you bought a reversible style, you can use this page for reference when laundering.

- Starting at the beach, avoid sitting on rocks or rough surfaces without a towel. The damages caused by friction are irreversible

- When possible, rinse off right after going in salt water or chlorinated pools

- After the beach keep your bikini in your little AURAI towel bikini bag

- Please don’t put your swimwear in the washing machine! Even if cold, the friction with other fabrics can damage the surface of the lycra and the washing machine movements can misshape your bikini.

- The best option is hand wash your swimwear using a mild soap or a liquid wash for delicate garments. Never rub or soak garments. Rinse the garment thoroughly in cool or warm water

- Do not hang to dry in the sun, rather let them dry flat in the shade

- Store your swimwear in your AURAI towel bikini bag, which is great for travelling as well

And of course, always remember:

- Do not dry clean

- Do not tumble dry

- Do not iron