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vava charlie aurai swim

AGE: 24
BLOG/ WEBSITE: www.fashionpreneurGirl.com (coming soon)
CURRENT PROJECT(S): The winter campaign for museTHEORY (my online store), launching my second business, which is my fashion and beauty PR agency, and planning my wedding!!
INSPIRATION: The world. It's so beautiful and vast. It inspires me to stay beautiful from within and to pursue more, see more, do more.
A LIFE LESSON: There can never be a mistake, only lessons learned.
A LIFE DREAM: My life dream is to travel the world with my soon-to-be husband and future children.
THE PERFECT WEEKEND: The perfect weekend is me leaving work at home and playing outdoors at the beach, a canyon or camping.
FAVOURITE BEACH IN THE WORLD: The beaches in the Bahamas. The water is so beautiful and warm.
TOP 5 SUMMER ESSENTIALS: my 9Five sunnies, bottle of CORE water, Odesza and Hippie Sabotage playlist and my Aurai bikini.
FAVOURITE SUMMER DRINK: Any frozen slush. I have a terrible obsession with fruity frozen drinks.
FAVOURITE AURAI PIECE FROM THE SS16 COLLECTION: My fav is the MILADY reversible top and the Nissi reversible bottom. I'm definitely a one-piece kind of girl, but I love the design and cut of the MILADY and NISSI. It lets me live life on the wild side. Lol.


giovanna tonzillo aurai swimwear

AGE: 22
LIVING IN: Lahaina, Hawaii
BLOG: www.giovannatonzillo.wordpress.com
INSPIRATION: Nature, love, beautiful souls
A LIFE LESSON: It keeps going
A LIFE DREAM: Travel the world
THE PERFECT WEEKEND: Beachfront house, early morning walks, bbq's + bon fires, fruity cocktails
FAVOURITE BEACH IN THE WORLD: Slaughterhouse Beach, Maui (so far)
TOP 5 SUMMER ESSENTIALS: The perfect bikini, fruit infused water, Bali body, sunnies, a good read
FAVOURITE SUMMER DRINK: Lilikoi (passion fruit) anything!!!
FAVOURITE AURAI PIECE FROM THE SS16 COLLECTION: I would have to say the CAMPECHE bottoms because you know if you see a girl rocking them, she's comfortable in her skin


AGE: 19
LIVING IN: Los Angeles, USA
CURRENT PROJECT(S): Finishing my last year at UCLA & starting a YouTube channel :)
INSPIRATION: I'm inspired by people who dare to be different and can look past what other people think in pursuit of their own happiness.
A LIFE LESSON: Don't compare your life to someone else's or waste time with envy. You are your own person with your own journey!
A LIFE DREAM: To have a job that lets me express my creativity and travel frequently.
THE PERFECT WEEKEND: My perfect weekend involves sunshine, salty hair, music and good company.
TOP 5 SUMMER ESSENTIALS: Sunscreen, endless bikinis, a good hat, braids, & my schwinn beach cruiser
FAVOURITE AURAI PIECE FROM THE SS16 COLLECTION: Impossible to choose. I love the seigaiha print & the fish leather- both are so unique and beautiful. My favorite style might have to be the FARAGLIONI top because it is so comfortable, flattering, & simple!


aurai swimwear

AGE: 24
LIVING IN: Los Angeles, USA
BLOG/ WEBSITE: www.modeldiaries.org 
CURRENT PROJECT(S): Writer for my own personal blog and another food blog called NOBREAD. Starting yoga teacher training in the spring :)
INSPIRATION: Nature, ocean breeze at the beach, my friends and family
A LIFE LESSON: "Sometimes the most important lessons are the ones we learn the hard way", and "Always trust your gut feeling"
A LIFE DREAM: To be a mom someday and become a life/health coach, develop a lingerie line
THE PERFECT WEEKEND: Packing up my car with camping gear and snacks and heading to Joshua Tree! I would spend the weekend relaxing, reading and journaling underneath the stars in the quiet desert. I would go hiking and practice yoga. In the evening I would sit around a camp fire and enjoy the warmth and nostalgia I get from the smell of the fire.
FAVOURITE BEACH IN THE WORLD: Coogee beach in Sydney, Australia and the beaches in Bora Bora
TOP 5 SUMMER ESSENTIALS: Lemon water, a cute straw sun hat, sunglasses, a basic black bikini, BADGER protective lip balm
FAVOURITE SUMMER DRINK: Fresh watermelon juice or glass of Rose
FAVOURITE AURAI PIECE FROM THE SS16 COLLECTION: My favorite piece from the collection is the MILADY reversible top with the blue koi fish print side out :) I love the detailing of the little fish and blue is my favorite color! This suit is unique and the color matches the beautiful shade of the ocean water.


aurai swim

AGE: 23
LIVING IN: Cocoa Beach, USA
BLOG/ WEBSITE: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1eG3XY9WPpI
INSPIRATION: Alana Blanchard and Malia Manuel
A LIFE LESSON: Some dreams are worth the risk. You have to keep working hard, and fight for want you want.
A LIFE DREAM: To be a professional surfer and model, and be able to travel across the globe.
THE PERFECT WEEKEND: Perfect waves in warm water with some good friends and some good food after! :)
FAVOURITE BEACH IN THE WORLD: Huntington Beach, California
TOP 5 SUMMER ESSENTIALS: Bikinis, surfboard, skateboard, fish tacos, sun dress
FAVOURITE SUMMER DRINK: Strawberry mango margaritas!!
FAVOURITE AURAI PIECE FROM THE SS16 COLLECTION: The CAMPECHE brazilian set! It gives me confidence in the water when I'm surfing and style when I'm on land!


aurai swim

AGE: 28
LIVING IN: Florianópolis, Brasil
CURRENT PROJECT(S): Decelopment of my own organic and functional food brand, learn how to surf.
INSPIRATION: Nara Marques, besides being beautiful she practices many sports and always have a smile on her face.
A LIFE LESSON: Be grateful, always. Everything happens for a reason and it’s how our souls evolve.
A LIFE DREAM: Live my life with balance, working with what I love.
THE PERFECT WEEKEND: Watch the sunrise and the sunset, hike, swim in the ocean, eat açaí , walk Boris (my Bulldog), skateboard, laugh with good friends.
FAVORITE BEACH IN THE WORLD: Campeche, my home yard!
TOP 5 SUMMER ESSENTIALS: Bikini, sunscreen, GoPro, sunglasses and my skate.
FAVOURITE AURAI PIECE FROM THE SS16 COLLECTION: I have a passion for cropped tops because they are great to practice sports at the beach but also perfect to match with denim shorts to go anywhere afterwards.


AGE: 43
LIVING IN: Mount Maunganui, New Zealand
BLOG/ WEBSITE: www.bcnbeachclub.com
CURRENT PROJECT(S): Manager of the Barcelona Beach Volleyball Club. PhD candidate in New Zealand
INSPIRATION: Mother nature
A LIFE LESSON: Probably still one a day but from the Buddhism I have learn that:  
"Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared" (Buddha) 
A LIFE DREAM: To live in balance surrendered by love and the salt of the Mediterranean Sea
THE PERFECT WEEKEND: Sunshine sun salutations by the beach, a hot beach volleyball afternoon and a full moon party all night long. A lazy Sunday after...
FAVOURITE BEACH IN THE WORLD: Platja de Ses Salines, Formentera. Balearic Islands, Spain
TOP 5 SUMMER ESSENTIALS: Lots of fruits and salads, quality sun protection, a house mix music from my fav artist, Pete Bidwell, and my favourite bikini as an underwear 
FAVOURITE SUMMER DRINK: A banana and strawberry shake with coconut water and a bit of cinnamon 
FAVOURITE AURAI PIECE FROM THE SS16 COLLECTION: My fav top is the FARAGLIONI since it is just very different from my Beach Volleyball usual gear. Very feminine, sexy and comfortable. The NISSI bottom would be my choice since I can use them to play my sport and to just go for a swim (comfy and not too small) but I truly adore the CAMPECHE model !!


AGE: 23
LIVING IN: Hamilton, New Zealand
BLOG/ WEBSITE: www.serendipityave.co.nz
CURRENT PROJECT(S): Launching our online store and world domination (hehe)
INSPIRATION: The other half of Serendipity Ave and my business partner - Nami. 
She is so fearless when it comes to life and nothing holds her back from making her dreams come true. She taught me it's important to always be a goal digger.  
A LIFE LESSON: I've learn't that true happiness resides within you. Most people are searching for happiness outside themselves. This is a fundamental mistake. Happiness is something that you are, and it comes from the way you think and perceive.
A LIFE DREAM: To swim with a whale shark. I am the ultimate water baby and this is something I have always wanted to do. 
THE PERFECT WEEKEND: Anywhere by the beach with friends, family and a good bottle of Rose.
FAVOURITE BEACH IN THE WORLD: I'll be biased here and have to say my hometown in the Bay Of Islands has the best beaches. No competition!
TOP 5 SUMMER ESSENTIALS: Coconut water, great swimwear, my nude lipstick 'Kinda Sexy' by MAC, Mexican Salsa and my UE boom.
FAVOURITE SUMMER DRINK: Pimms and Gingerale mmmmm.
FAVOURITE AURAI PIECE FROM THE SS16 COLLECTION: This is a hard one! My favourite piece would have to be the MILADY top because I am obsessed with the sportsluxe look. It's so effortless. Also, the NISSI top on the other hand totally makes me feel like a mermaid.... Can I choose both?!? 


AGE: 28
LIVING IN: Hamilton, New Zealand
BLOG/ WEBSITE: www.serendipityave.co.nz
CURRENT PROJECT(S): Launching our online store and taking over the world one awesome outfit at a time. Girls run the world! 
INSPIRATION: My mom who has always given me the courage to pursuit my dreams, "wo ein wille ist, ist ein weg" meaning that if there is a strong enough will, there is a way. Never give up on your dreams. She truly is the strongest woman I ever met and that gives me the courage to be fearless myself :D And not to forget behind every strong woman is another stronger one that has her back - and that's my Pascale.
A LIFE LESSON: Don't wish for it - plan for it and just do it! Also always be grateful & kind. That old saying what goes around comes around. Good things really do come back to good and kind hearted people! 
A LIFE DREAM: I really want to inspire others to give it their all when it comes to pursuing their dreams. Oh and I would love to go to Mexico one day and drink Tequila with the locals, I kind of feel like I was made for that colourful culture, the food and that music you can't help but dance to.
THE PERFECT WEEKEND: Spending it doing something creative! Anything that keeps the mind focused on the beauty that life holds. Be it in the form of a good dinner and yarn with your bestie, nurturing my cactus garden (I have over 100 cactuses & succulents), spending time at the beach and of course fun photo shoots for our blog! 
FAVOURITE BEACH IN THE WORLD: I love Camps Bay in Cape Town, South Africa but also have a soft spot for secret hidden beauties in New Zealand! In the colder months I love watching wave battles of the New Zealand west coast. 
TOP 5 SUMMER ESSENTIALS: My Camera (I take it everywhere), sunnies, apple cider, cute swimwear & a good playlist for those road trips! 
FAVOURITE SUMMER DRINK: Moscow Mule (It's my fav all year around drink tbh) 
FAVOURITE AURAI PIECE FROM THE SS16 COLLECTION: I absolutely LOVE the NISSI top in black! I wear it as a bra and bikini top all the time! It's such a keeper! 

to be continued....