A Change Of Hands | The Future of Aurai Swimwear

Twenty twenty three brought with it a few changes for Aurai. Brazilian born founder Natalia Bertolo was looking to pass Aurai on to a buyer who she felt aligned with the brands core values, in order for her to keep up with her fast paced role as Operations Manager for Paris Georgia and ACC of Fashion Revolution New Zealand.

My path was fortunate enough to cross with Natalia's and after a few phone calls we met to talk through the change of hands for Aurai. With that, I'd like to introduce myself - Lydia Cable, the proud new owner of Aurai Swimwear.

Having grown up in the UK and spending my adult life mostly in New Zealand, I relish the feeling of home, nostalgia and familiarity. I am fortunate enough to call two countries home and it always amazes me to be able experience the cultural differences they have to offer. I have learnt to seek comfort in my surroundings, carrying little pieces of one home to another, curating a space full of meaning and life.

After attaining a bachelors in Interior Design I quickly learnt how much I valued beautiful spaces, objects and clothing, to be able to create an environment that can transport you back to a place or moment in time, remind you of who you were with, what you could smell or hear - is incredibly powerful. I went on to work as a buyer for well known lifestyle brand Father Rabbit, and alongside the owner created a fashion offering that aligned with our interior offering. We then went onto designing our own clothing range which is where my interest pivoted into fashion.

I strongly believe that what you wear should always be a conscious choice. It should add value to your life, be an extension of who you are and what you stand for whilst communicating your style. Your wardrobe has the opportunity to be a voice and exercising this brings me so much joy.

After returning from a year of raising my little boy Sebastian, I found myself soul searching for a creative outlet that I felt passionate about, something that added meaning and value not only to mine but other people's lives too. It's hard to top the feeling of importance that comes with caring for a child, this was the drive that set me on my track.

In July 2023 when Natalia and I met, something just felt right. A massive draw card for me was Aurai's transparency and ethics. The incredible relationship that had been built with the artisans where the swimwear was handcrafted in Natalia's hometown in Brazil was inspiring and the buttery soft biodegradable Econyl fabric used to create the collections was hard to resist. Things fell into place from there, and I spent the second half of 2023 familiarising myself with the process of designing a swimwear collection, getting to know the atelier where it would be made and learning the ins and outs of business as I went.

During this time I took a trip to Mexico and was so inspired by the richness of textures and colours there. The heat, the smells, the feeling of each place I visited clung to me and inspired my first collection which I am so looking forward to sharing soon. I aspire to bring nostalgia, emotion and comfort into each collection that Aurai launches, in the hopes to tell our own story along the way. We'd love to expand our offering of beachwear and see our range reaching men and children in the future.

 As a friend of Aurai you can rest assured that I will continue to hold the same high standards that have existed to date. I vow to continue on Aurais path of being a positive voice in the world of fashion and will ensure the brand treads lightly whilst providing transparency in our supply chain.

Thank you for joining us on this journey, we can't wait to see where it leads.

Lydia x

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