SS21 Back to Earth

What a turmoil 2020 was.

The COVID crisis around the world demonstrated how fragile we are as human beings and how our future depends on collaboration and most importantly, on a healthy environment. A sick world makes sick people.

The world has shrunk to the boundaries of our homes, forcing us to witness life like we never did before. It created temporal and emotional gaps, as 2020 seemed to slip through our fingers.

While we were tucked in our beds, however, our beloved planet had time to breathe a little. It was awe-inspiring to see that stillness that took place, and how our eco-systems responded so quickly to reduced human operations. It's clear how much our planet needs decluttering as much as our homes.

We are still living in times of uncertainty, sure, but we need to acknowledge all learnings this crisis provided us with and from there think how we can emerge stronger to help the Earth not only to survive but to thrive going forward.

It was inspired by this yearn that we designed this collection. "Back to Earth" is a call-to-action. We are responsible. We are the only ones responsible. It also references the fact that this collection was entirely made with biodegradable Amni Soul Eco, and it will be travelling to you inside a reusable GOTS cotton drawstring pouch and home compostable shipping bag.

aurai-swim    aurai-swimwear
Photography: Dumorah Mohammed 
Model: Tiz Harris/Red11 Models
Make-up & hair: Maria Clara Lima
Styling: Natalia Bertolo