Eco & ethics

We understand that it takes small visionaries and

independently owned brands to blaze the trail of sustainable

and responsible fashion. Since its beginning, AURAI has

worked to raise the importance of better practices in fashion,

supporting craftsmanship and fair trade business and local

sourcing of materials.


A few key words:


Ecodesign is a new approach to design that evokes the possibility of developing a new generation of products and materials while offering designers, still in the early stages of design, the opportunity to rethink processes that will have more positive impact over the entire product cycle.

Slow fashion is a movement based on the principles of the slow food movement created in 1986. It reinforces that people should be provided with information and encouraged to make better choices when buying. 


We (and our partners) guarantee environmental consciousness and ethical labor practices (no child or forced labor, no discrimination, and adequate work time and pay)


All the garments are shaped to have a long life span, considering aesthetic aspects as well. All AURAI SWIMWEAR pieces are fully lined (with biodegradable fabric) or doubled, to ensure durability. A mix & match concept allows plenty of combinations among the collection pieces as well as with the pieces women already have in their wardrobes. 

Almost all the AURAI pieces feature functional design, such as reversible options and customizable ties. We believe that functionality (from Latin functio meaning "to perform") discourages unnecessary purchases.


Until not long ago, to make swimwear we relied almost exclusively on fabrics made with a mix of polyester and elastane, both synthetic fibres. To reduce environmental impact, we always used high quality fabrics to make garments as durable as possible in order to prolong life span and postpone discard. Following new developments in the sustainable textile industry, we now have some amazing options. AURAI started using ECONYL® from our SS17/18 collection, a revolutionary polyamide fibre made from 100% regenerated material, pre and post-consumer nylon waste such as nylon plastic scraps, old carpets and fish nets that litter our oceans. 

For our SS18/19 collection, we also introduced AMNI SOUL ECO®, a revolutionary polyamide with an improved formulation that accelerates biodegradation in the anaerobic (oxygen-free) environment, common in most landfills. Traditionally, a polyamide fibre takes decades to disintegrate. In tests, the yarn biodegraded by 50% in just over one year. As the clothes break down quicker, the impact on landfills is reduced. Being a “smart yarn,” the biodegradation of AMNI SOUL ECO® will only start after disposal at the specific landfill environment. There are no concerns about the fabric’s durability, so you don’t have to worry about your clothes breaking down while you’re wearing them! 

With the exception of ECONYL®, which is sourced from Italy, our suppliers are located in the same area as our manufacturing facility, minimizing the cost and environmental impact of transportation. 

We are always searching for new technologies that can help us to develop more sustainable and creative products. Digital print is one of them, allowing us to create beautiful patterns that can be printed is small quantities without using water or harmful chemicals. 

Our current packaging consists only of a reusable compostable pouch or 100% recycled paper pillow box, wrapped in a compostable shipping bag.


From left to right: Rosana, Maria and Cris in our studio in Brazil. Sharyn is responsible for making our samples and small runs here in New Zealand.