Friends of AURAI is a brand collective

created to showcase and promote our favourite

independent/eco/handmade brands <3

Each one of them are specialists in their product

niche and perfect additions to your AURAI piece.  



Studio Sape

We really wanted to add rattan and straw bags in our website, but we needed to find the perfect eco&ethical brand, one that shares the same DNA as us! Studio Sapê is a fellow Brazilian sister brand that values the art of handmade and prioritises the use of natural raw materials. The products are made in small communities that still preserve the traditional crafts and are developed in short runs. Just love for them! Order yours here.



For a long time we were looking to develop a natural laundry powder to gently but effectively wash your AURAI SWIM. But then our path crossed with Wendyl's, and what happens is that they already had the perfect product for it! All Wendyl’s products are handmade in Auckland and does not contain fillers, chemicals, synthetics or artificial fragrances. Shop Wendyl's natural laundry powder here.


friends of aurai izzy and jean

Izzy and Jean Co is a Kiwi business owned and run by Claire Ongley, a true curator of all special/handcrafted/old-world/beautifully designed things. Things that have an interesting story behind them. “In a time where most goods we own are mass-produced or disposable, it's nice to spend money on something that is the result of a traditional craft, unique skill or creative design”. Izzy and Jean Co turkish towels are cheerful, practical, 100% cotton and lovingly made in Turkey. The name Izzy and Jean Co. is inspired by two important ladies, Claire’s grandmothers Isabel and Joan. Shop Izzy and Jean HERE


VANIA Jewellery is a brand created by Vania Truchsess, a young entrepreneur born in Venezuela and based in Auckland. VANIA is inspired by nature and its colors and shapes, by life and its contrasts, by music and the way it makes you feel. VT pieces are hand-crafted to perfection using real gemstones such as quartz, onix, hematite and tiger eye. Vania has developed a vibrant and stunning style that’s just a perfect match for our swimwear. Shop VT Handmade HERE


To be continued....

If you have or know a brand that could be a Friend of AURAI, contact us at